Air Ducts and HVAC Cleaning

Whether you own a condo or single family home in Miami or Miami Beach, one thing can be appropriately said: Your HVAC system is like the respiratory system of your building. It is imperative that we maintain our ductwork and air handler equipment. Yes, proper maintenance will help this equipment operate properly. More importantly, the maintenance will safeguard your health.  AC ductwork can be a breeding ground of contaminants and pollutants. This is as true for us in South Florida as anyone in the country. Many people like to enjoy their condo balconies, and leave the AC running while leaving balcony doors or windows open. This can cause condensation in the AC system, allowing contaminants to grow and placing your health at risk. We at SERVPRO of Miami Beach see this problem all the time. Most people don't know, but with our experience we're able to help customers understand what drives problems inside their homes and offices.

However, duct cleaning is not always necessary. We will make recommendations about the best way to address any indoor air quality concerns. This can save you money and provide peace of mind on the health of your system.

The benefits of servicing your HVAC unit include:

  • Helps to restore peak energy efficiency.
  • May help to eliminate offensive odors.
  • Helps reduce the potential for mold growth.

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